ernst x stoke
From March 10th - 20th, Jeff will be collaborating on a two week yakitori residency with the very good people and friends at Ernst.
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ember x stoke
Last September we joined forces with our friends at Ember at Wernsdorfer See located just outside of Berlin. We tailored a menu that could be cooked completely over fire using their bespoke equipment.
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The home of stoke
We were searching for a place where we could live out our vision of wood fire cooking, artisanal work and warm hospitality. We dreamt of high ceilings, strong bones of natural concrete and big windows to flood the room with natural light. We spoke to friends in the industry and – with some luck and stars aligning – came across the perfect site on Lindenstrasse 34-35. We applied for the space and met with the landlord. The rest is history.
The heritage-listed building from 1911 is one of the first steel and concrete structures built in Germany. The building has had many lives, once a Lufthansa office, later a department store and surviving WWII. Neighboring the Berlin Wall and Checkpoint Charlie, it was mostly vacant until it was renovated and converted into offices and gallery spaces. That’s how we found it. We call this area “no man's land,“ a patchy re-developing area snug between the bustling Kreuzberg and Mitte. It’s a district we have come to appreciate and a neighborhood we want to be a part of.
damage from wwII, 1945
We have found great synergies with the building’s architecture, location and concept and are in the early phases of the construction journey of stoke. We are thrilled and fortunate to have found such a spot and are committed to bringing this project to life. Stay tuned for further developments at