ember x stoke
Last September we joined forces with our friends at Ember at Wernsdorfer See located just outside of Berlin. We tailored a menu that could be cooked completely over fire using their bespoke equipment.
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the home of stoke
We were searching for a place where we could live out our vision of wood fire cooking, artisanal work and warm hospitality. We dreamt of high ceilings, strong bones of natural concrete and big windows to flood the room with natural light.
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Ernst x stoke
From March 10th - 20th, Jeff will be collaborating on a two week yakitori residency with the very good people and friends at Ernst. The menu will be alternating between Jeff grilling up all the chicken and Ernst taking over the vegetables, all skewered up and grilled over charcoal.

Follow the link here for ticket info. Looking forward to sharing one of our favourite ways of eating with you.